Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things have been busy at the Center lately. Everyone is talking about school supplies and needing donations. I think human children need supplies to help them learn. Something called "bookbags" are needed, and so are those things with metal rings that hold paper. (<--my favorite! I loooooovvvee to eat and sit on paper!) It seems children need lots of things when their new school year starts, and it can be difficult for humans to get the necessary items. If you have some of the needed items, please bring them to help the children out.

My son, Gus-Gus, is too young for school but he sure is trying to learn about new stuff!

I have had quite a time keeping him out of trouble!

There were a lot of people at the Center the last few days for food and utility assistance. There seem to be a lot of people not able to find work, so I feel very lucky to have my position as greeter here. I get food, water, and nice people come to visit me. I am truely blessed.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thank you all for your prayers! Gus-Gus is much better! He is very spoiled since all these humans have been paying him more attention than to me! But that is fine (I have to admit, he is awful cute).

As for me... I am feeling a bit lost. Mrs. Libby says that I am experiencing "the empty nest syndrome." All my little ones are in good homes. Gus-Gus is still with me to make sure I don't go into heat again before my surgery (but Counselor Bob is going to take him home). I am quite at peace with my upcoming surgery and am actually looking forward to it. I have had my brood and I don't want any more.

Coming from a cat, I am sure it sounds funny that I am pro-spay/neuter. From my times on the street I saw too many little kitties that no one would love. It is a very sad state. Spend sometime walking around your neighborhood at night-you are bound to see wild cats (who are very scary to a sweet kitty like me). I found information on the subject here.

I go in August 3rd, so keep me in your thoughts/prayers that all goes well.