Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pray for my baby

What a day this has been! I spent most of it at the veterinarian's.

My poor Gus-Gus fell (Well..I think he did-- ) and hurt himself. He can't walk on his back legs.

Part of me wanted to love on him but part of me said, "eh, why bother..." So when Mrs. Libby (aka The Food Lady) came in, I just let her look after him. Little did I know that Jessica would bundle me and my other babies up to go to the vet.

Heartland Veterinary Clinic is a nice place, I do have to say. They looked after Gus-Gus and fed him. They kept me and the others comfortable as well (and No Thermometer!) So overall, I have no complaints about the experience.

Jessica, Ashley, and everyone else though has been buzzing around Gussy. I just don't know what I can do for him at this point, so please don't judge me! He is being bottle-fed and kept in a little basket for warmth and his protection.

I know, I know, I am not being the best mommy in the world-but hey, I have four others I need to pay attention to! All I can sincerely do, is ask you to pray for my little Gus-Gus, and pray he gets better!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The little rugrats are about 4 weeks old and are on the move. I am so overwhelmed! Picture it... 5 kittens running around, pooing where ever they feel like it, and meowing every single second of the day (unless they are nursing)-and me running in circles, trying to corral them into one area, and trying to tell them to hold their potty until I can get them into the litter box! I wonder if humans have it this bad.

One thing humans have over us kitty folk- is a doctor they can communicate with. I have yet to see a doctor that understands how I am feeling and listens when I tell her to not the the thermometer in there! I have observed, however, that not everyone goes to the doctor or takes their sick child to the doctor. Kelley told me that no everyone can afford health care insurance, but Medicaid is available to families who qualify. I don't know what the qualifications are, but Kelley sent Jessica and Miss Dianna to a training (humans get trained-hah!) to help people get this Medicaid stuff.

Jessica seems pretty excited about it. It seems with what she and Dianna learned, they can hopefully help applications get looked at and processed faster. I don't always know what Jessica is talking about- (like what "processed" means-other than processed food -yum!- but I don't think this is the same thing).

Oooo.... gotta go.... Gus-Gus just made a mess....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank you for your assistance!

The results are in! I now have names for my babies!

Gus-Gus (based on Cinderalla's mouse friend)





Now... if they would just listen to me....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Too many babies

It has been a little while since I have been able to get away and get to my blog. As you saw from my previous post- I had my kittens!

So Sunday night, after the Food Lady came to visit me, I started to feel a little funny. I had this insane desire to nest somewhere, and I seriously considered getting comfortable behind Mrs Jessica's computer... but there were too many wires. Eventually I found a box that was just right and even had a blanket in it! SCORE!

I will spare you the details... but by the end of the night I had five hungry mouths to feed!

I am happy report that the kittens look like me and do not take after their father.(Though some seem to have inherited his intelligence...)

The trouble now is, I can't tell the kittens apart! I call them- "Hey you!", "Move over here you little munchkin!" and all the kittens answer! I need to have them named so if I need Kitty #1, I can get Kitty #1's attention!!

In the interest of my sanity, I am asking for your help in naming these munchkins. In the sidebar, you will see a poll for the kitties names. I have three boys and two girls. Please help me out-- they are getting more active and listening less and less to my "Hey Yous!".

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They're Heeeerrrrreeee!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Short end of the stick

I miss Jessie. She would always call me a "sweet baby" or "kitty kitty" and I found her very cute. From what I hear, she was married off and they got rid of her. I guess that is how humans get rid of people? Do they marry them off? It doesn't sound pleasant, but Miss Jessica assures me it is. Miss Jessica also said that Jessie is on her "honeymoon" and will be back in a week or so-but she will be leaving then for someplace south of here.

Apparently there already was a big party to celebrate Jessie's going away and I wasn't even invited. How wrong is that? Staff just left me--pregnant, bloated, and huge and had a party. Jessica showed me one lousy picture.
They at least could have brought me a piece of cake...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm ready.... I'm SO ready!

So... I love attention. I love the pats, scratches, pets, and general loving I get on a constant basis. I would love it even more if I was not so pregnant! My poor belly has gotten bigger and bigger and my perfect kitty figure is completely gone.

I am so big that staff and visitors to the Center make it a point to see if I have "popped" yet. It seems, however, that I just keep getting bigger and bigger. I suppose I will go into labor when no one is here and I will be able to howl loudly and not bother anyone.

One awesome benefit to my pitiful state, is when The Food Lady (sometimes I call her Nana) feeds me my favorite canned cat food. She knows the way to my heart is through my stomach. I hope the canned food continues even after I get these kittens out of me.

I have to say I really like The Food Lady. I think she teaches something, but I did notice that she is not especially good with things like copy machines and paper shredders (why do they have a paper shredder when they have me?). But she is a funny lady and she visits me over the weekend, which I appreciate. I do tend to prefer the company of humans, you know.