Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pray for my baby

What a day this has been! I spent most of it at the veterinarian's.

My poor Gus-Gus fell (Well..I think he did-- ) and hurt himself. He can't walk on his back legs.

Part of me wanted to love on him but part of me said, "eh, why bother..." So when Mrs. Libby (aka The Food Lady) came in, I just let her look after him. Little did I know that Jessica would bundle me and my other babies up to go to the vet.

Heartland Veterinary Clinic is a nice place, I do have to say. They looked after Gus-Gus and fed him. They kept me and the others comfortable as well (and No Thermometer!) So overall, I have no complaints about the experience.

Jessica, Ashley, and everyone else though has been buzzing around Gussy. I just don't know what I can do for him at this point, so please don't judge me! He is being bottle-fed and kept in a little basket for warmth and his protection.

I know, I know, I am not being the best mommy in the world-but hey, I have four others I need to pay attention to! All I can sincerely do, is ask you to pray for my little Gus-Gus, and pray he gets better!

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  1. How are Gus and the others doing? Better, we hope. We're sending some healing purrrss to you all.