Friday, June 4, 2010

Short end of the stick

I miss Jessie. She would always call me a "sweet baby" or "kitty kitty" and I found her very cute. From what I hear, she was married off and they got rid of her. I guess that is how humans get rid of people? Do they marry them off? It doesn't sound pleasant, but Miss Jessica assures me it is. Miss Jessica also said that Jessie is on her "honeymoon" and will be back in a week or so-but she will be leaving then for someplace south of here.

Apparently there already was a big party to celebrate Jessie's going away and I wasn't even invited. How wrong is that? Staff just left me--pregnant, bloated, and huge and had a party. Jessica showed me one lousy picture.
They at least could have brought me a piece of cake...

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