Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surgery, school supplies, and codependence

It has been a few weeks since I could log onto my blog-- seems there were some computer issues. But we seem to be up and running!

My surgery went well. I was not happy when I was dropped off at the Spartanburg Humane Society the night BEFORE my surgery (I did hear Jessica say that she did not want to get up early to drop me off there at 7:30 am -thanks Jessica.) So I had to spend a restless night in a strange place, with strange smells, and strange noises. I was a nervous wreck when Jessica picked me up the next day! And to top it all off- I looked like I had udders!!!!! Maybe I should have started mooing instead of mewing.

Me post-surgery

It was SUPER crazy here last week and over the weekend. The Center hosted a Back to School and Wellness Day. I think the entire TOWN came- children got needed school supplies (lucky them!--They get to learn, and color, and stuff. Maybe they would let a kitty in the classroom too?) and the families learned cool stuff about other helping places in the area. I was not too happy though that the SC Search and Rescue Dogs were right outside my door, but they behaved themselves. Jessica kept me in her office, since she was afraid I would get lost- or worse stepped on!

Kelley had said that this Fair was a success and we are almost out of backpacks, since the families who missed the festivities last Saturday can still come to get supplies.

Me helping Jessica work

So after the surgery, the Fair, and all the excitement I am all about having my adopted family near me. I mainly follow Jessica or Libby, since they tend to give me food and attention. But I LOVE going into Kelley's office! There are so many neat shelves to explore and she has some nice chairs that are super comfy! Unfortunately, Kelley is afraid I will mess up her mess, so generally I have to leave her office.

Oh! I almost forgot! Gus-Gus has a nice new home! So now I get all the attention I want. :)


  1. Hey, Harvest. Glad to know you're still doing well.

    Any chance we'll get to see a picture or three of Gus-Gus in his new home? Or even a blog? It is always great when a kittie gets a good home.

  2. Jessica spoke with Gus-Gus's new family. Their son has named him CJ and he is a happy, playful kitty. I will see if Jessica can get a photo of him in his new home.