Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harvest Update

Harvest is happily living with a nice family in the area. While staff here at the Center misses her, we know she is happy in her new life.
She made a great decision to come to us when she needed help and we are so glad she did! Her kittens were born safely, she had her shots and (much to her displeasure) was fixed.
Unfortunately, she is so busy chasing mice and bossing dogs around she has had to give up on her blog.
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  1. Glad to know Harvest is doing well. Maybe we'll see her with a new blog of her own, someday.


  2. So Harvest spent a year with you, had a litter of kittens, was spayed, ran the office and now she's moved to a new home? You all must miss her! But glad she has a home now.

  3. We do miss her! But she is happy and has a good family to keep on eye on her. We are just so glad we were able to take care of her and her kittens so she did not have them outside (and create more kittens!).