Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As I sit here happily playing with my new green marble, I take time to reflect on the past two weeks...
It all started with a big storm. I thought I was old enough to handle the "big booms" (I later found out they are called thunder claps...) but I soon realized they were very scary for a little kitty such as myself.
I desperately ran and ran (and ran and get the picture...) until I saw sanctuary in the form of a big oak tree. I spent the next few hours wet, miserable, clinging to a tree. It was a sad state.
Come morning, I was wet and my beautiful white coat was a dingy brown. I started to give up hope... what was I going to do? Where was I going to live? And where is my next meal coming from???? I was SCARED!
But like a ray of hope from heaven itself.... I saw a door open. A warm, comforting feeling came over me. I ran down the tree (I almost fell, but I maintained) and crying my head off! I wanted someone to hear me!
And someone did. She knelt down and I couldn't help myself-I jumped into her arms. I didn't care at that point what would happen to me--I just knew I made the right decision.
The lady (I later heard people calling her "Jessica") carried me into the building and called two other ladies. One brought a nice big bowl of food and water to me and the other made me a soft bed in some sort of portable cave-like thing.
It was then I knew this was the place to be! This new place was so inviting, and even the boss-lady(I think they call her Kelley) thought I was cute!
So now I am happy, warm, and have a full belly. I even have a job: Mascot and greeter! Life is SO good at the Upstate Family Resource Center!

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