Friday, April 30, 2010

Plea of an innocent kitty

The other day I was working with Jessica and I overheard her talking with Miss Kelley and Miss Jessie about fundraising. Last weekend, they had another booksale (if I was not a Resource Cat, I would want to be a Library Cat-so I was interested in hearing more about the booksale) but turnout was not what they had hoped for.

I am learning that something called "funding" is a common issue for places like the Center. I am pretty sure that "funding" is important, since Miss Jessie said we might need to cut back on my food! This is serious! I know I eat a lot, but I am a growing kitty and kitties need their nourishment!

Last night I did some internet surfing and found out that places like my home rely on people so they can help other people. This is where "funding" comes from. The humans here help other humans on a daily basis (and some kitties too!), but Miss Jessica, Miss Kelley, and everyone else can only do so much.

So, in the interest of my next meal-please think about helping fund the Upstate Family Resource Center. My tummy will thank you!!

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