Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Changes

At first I thought it was just a super intense case of gas. Then it felt less like bubbles and more like kicks…that’s when I got suspicious.

And then some other changes started taking place: it’s harder to jump up on the counter, I feel heavier, my girlish figure is slowly but VERY surely vanishing, I crave strange foods, and some other obvious physical changes. It’s official. I am pregnant.

Sure, I am excited, but it is also very scary, especially since I am so young. Luckily there are some people around here who are helping take extra good care of me and the little ones that are coming soon. I’ve learned that I have to change how I eat and take care of myself to make sure the kittens are born healthy, that I need to learn how to nurture them so that they develop at the correct rate once they are born. Otherwise, they will not be ready to do “big cat” things when the time comes. I am so glad someone told me, otherwise I would not have known how to best take care of my babies!

Something tells me that this kind of situation can be similar for my human counterparts. I hear of something called the CARE program that is here at the Center that is run by Liv. (Liv REALLY loves me.) Sometimes I hear her talking about things like pre-natal care, eating right for you baby, getting vaccinations, nurturing your baby, and preventing another unexpected pregnancy. Turns out this is good information for me too. I know she usually just mentors young ladies in the local high schools, but I wonder what my chances are for getting into the CARE program. Humm….

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