Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ok... so maybe I was a bit over emotional

Ok, so when someone I love is out I might get a little out of sorts. Two weeks ago, Jessica was out sick. I missed her, and (I am a bit embarrassed to say this but-) I showed this by being a terror. I basically got my emotions out on Jessica's office (not good since Jessica's office is the main office in the building). Everyone is now concerned about my actions when Jessica is out for maternity leave-whatever that is...
So, as sad as it is- I find I need a home. I would LOVE my Nana to take me home, I do love her too! Maybe you can let her know that I want to live with her. Jessica said she would love to take me, but with a baby on the way-she will not be able to give me the attention a codependent kitty like me needs!

I love people and I really would like to still visit the Center and be the star I know I can be!

The Pitch:
I would be a GREAT addition to your household! I am talkative, love to walk next to you, I use my litter box, love to play (give me a piece of crumpled paper and I am set!), I have had my all my shots, and even been fixed (no more babies for me!). I do blog, so I need to stay in contact with Mrs. Jessica so she can help me write and share the good news of the Center.

If you are interested in seeing me, or adopting me please call the Center or stop by! (864) 578-1379

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  1. Harvest. If you really need to find a new home, we can let the Cat Blogosphere know. There might be someone there who has room for another cuddly kittie.

    Or you could just let them know directly, for tha matter.